• True Salt

Mini Tins for the Win!

Sea Salt is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a healthier, purer alternative to regular table salt. And with that, all kinds of salts are coming “to the table.” The True Salt Co. believes the more the merrier — as long as consumers are aware of exactly what they are getting when they are choosing a salt. And sometimes choosing just one is the problem! But True Salt has the solution to that too…

For salt lovers that want to take their seasonings on the go or for those that want to taste it all, True Salt Co. offers a variety pack that features five of the company’s most popular products — Flake Salt, Cocktail Salt, Fine Grain, Coarse Grain and Kosher Grain. Each one-ounce tin is the ideal size to pop into a purse or a drawer to sprinkle onto an “eat at your desk” office lunch or to add a little flavor to a snack while waiting for the kids’ soccer practice to wrap up.

There are various uses for each grain and kind of salt so the variety pack is a fun way to experiment with these types and textures. The five-pack is also a great gift to give a host/hostess or a foodie-loving friend. Sustainably harvested from the Sea of Cortez and rich in minerals, magnesium and potassium, all of True Salt’s products offer health benefits as well as a clean, pure and bright finish to all kinds of foods (and beverages!).

Included in the variety pack are the following, each with its own specific use (but feel free to get creative and use each salt in any way!):

Flake Salt — A great “finisher” for a variety of foods, from savory to sweet. It can be crushed between the fingertips and sprinkled on salads, steamed vegetables (think perfectly cooked edamame) and fresh baked cookies.

Cocktail Salt — These days, creative bar programs are using cocktail salt beyond simply rimming the glass. Thinking “outside the rim” with cocktail salt can create entirely new flavor profiles for a variety of beverages.

Fine Grain — An ideal replacement for table salt, fine grain is also delicate enough to be used in baking recipes.

Coarse Grain — Perhaps the most dramatic of the salt varieties, coarse grain is tough enough to stand up to big meats like brisket or pork shoulder, so it’s great for seasoning meat prior to cooking and can be used in rubs and brines

Kosher Grain — A medium-grain salt designed for every day in the kitchen because it dissolves quickly, dispersing flavor into foods as they cook

True Salt Co.’s variety pack aims to offer “something for everyone” while also introducing new textures to food lovers. To purchase, visit www.amazon.com.