Fine Grain

16 oz

Harvested from the tropical waters of the Sea of Cortez. Our sea salt is mineral rich, providing numerous health benefits to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on making clean salt.



Health Benefits

Flavor packed taste. Adds a subtle complexity to your meal.

All natural. From the Sea of Cortez.

Hydration, blood pressure, nerve function, skin health, and more!

Rich in essential minerals. Potassium, magnesium, zinc and more! 

Not a whole lot.

Not really.

Made in factories.

Plain, basic taste.


Better for you.

True Salt contains a wide array of minerals including zinc, potassium, iron, and calcium to keep you feeling focused and healthy!

Better taste.

We harvest our sea salt from the Sea of Cortez to bring you a cleaner, all natural taste. TrueSalt is the ultimate combination of clean flavor and perfected texture! 

"...Deserves a permanent spot in your kitchen cabinent"



I purchased the coarse blend and the Kosher blend b/c I cook a lot. I loved the touch and feel and taste of subtle salt. The coarse grind is good on brownies or any dishes with chocolate and shaved salt. The Kosher grind has a different finger feel than the typical “D” brand salt. I have enjoyed the grinds and the taste of this brand, based on a recommendation of a friend. Nice, original origin of salt. I will enjoy cooking with these blends.

I am 83, but I wish I were 63, so that I would have 20 more years to enjoy this excellent salt. I use it on everything that begs for salt. The salt does not dissolve, but leaves little bits of crunch. And to think that I have been using Morton salt all my life. Love, love, love, True Salt.

True Salt tastes better than any salt we’ve had before. Putting this on vegetables or meats make the flavor of that item explode in your mouth.  All food tastes better with this on it! Toss all your salt at home and add this healthy and clean (zero additives, just pure salt the way things should all be) to your home!

This is truly a superior salt! High quality, tasty, clear perfect grains. So glad I made this purchase!

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