All natural and unprocessed.

A vital ingredient for your healthy lifestyle.

Our promise is to give you a clean salt that you can count on.  Free from all the things you don’t want in your food and full of all the natural flavors that a real, true sea salt provides.

Commitment to quality and flavor. 

We are dedicated to keeping things real.  True Salt is cultivated and hand-harvested by salt masters that have been doing this for generations. 


We’ve worked hard to ensure that True Salt is produced both sustainably and responsibly.

Our commitment to doing things right means that you get the highest quality, all natural salt.

Clean.  Unprocessed.  Good for You.

We all need salt.  It’s a necessary ingredient for human health. More importantly, we need good salt.   


True Salt is that good salt.  


NO Processing Chemicals

NO Anti-Caking Agents

NO Bleaches