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100 Percent Recyclable Three-pound Box Exhibits Company’s Eco-Conscious Dedication


PHOENIX (October. 4, 2019) — True Salt,a Phoenix-headquartered company known for its dedication to bringing a clean, all-natural, and better salt to tables everywhere, is launching a new environmentally friendly three-pound box for both retail and hospitality distribution.  Furthering its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations, the company chose 100 percent recyclable cardboard for its new packaging.


“We know that our retail partners are making tremendous efforts to increase the amount of recyclable paper products in their stores,”says Brian Pierce, co-founder of True Salt with business partner Kelly Egan. “We want to assist them in these efforts by bringing to market a 100 percent recyclable package that further showcases our dedication to not only a cleaner, better salt, but a cleaner, better earth.” 


Responding to overwhelming market demand and direct requests from their retail and hospitality partners for a package that can be a direct replacement for other salt brands like Morton’s and Diamond Crystal, the company created the recyclable three-pound box. The new packaging also features a cut-out window enabling the natural color and grain of the salt to shine through, enabling consumers and chefs can see right away what makes True Salt so unique. The box is available immediately and will be hitting retails shelfs and professional kitchens in November. 


ABOUT TRUE SALT: True Salt, founded by serial entrepreneurs Brian Pierce and Kelly Egan, is dedicated to producing a better, cleaner salt. With its natural, environmentally impact free harvesting process, True Salt is the all-natural, unrefined way to get the nutrients and flavor from salt without chemicals or additives.Thefounders’ mission is to deliver a clean, all-natural, and better sea salt that elevates taste buds as well as mind, body and soul. Since its inception, the True Salt founders have been working to develop and market a clean salt that offers better results and better flavor for the hospitality sector, the retail market and the direct consumer. From its beginnings with just three salt grains — coarse, fine and kosher — True Salt has since expanded its line of products to include a finishing flake salt and a cocktail salt for beverages and beyond. 


True Salt Company Introduces Environmentally Friendly Packaging


True Salt Closes Funding for Business Expansion and Retail Launch


Capital to Accelerate the Market Rollout of Better Sea Salt


PHOENIX (Mar. 4, 2019) — True Salt, a company that is dedicated to bringing to market a cleaner, tastier, and better sea salt, has announced the close of its seed round of capital.


Led by Strand Venture Partners, Landshark Ventures and other notable industry angels, this funding will enable True Salt to further develop its product line of all natural sea salt and continue to fuel its market expansion in both its hospitality and food service businesses, as well as its upcoming launch into national grocery retail. 


Founded by serial entrepreneurs Brian Pierce and Kelly Egan, True Salt has been growing rapidly as leading chefs, restaurants, and home cooks are seeking better, cleaner all-natural ingredients for their kitchens. Already a staple in restaurants and hotels throughout the Southwest and Southern California, the company has aligned with the leading health-inspired, clean-living national restaurant chain, True Food Kitchen.


“We are excited to share a better, healthier salt with customers everywhere and we’ve been overwhelmed by all the positive support and adoption among chefs, restaurants, and home cooks,” said Pierce. “Our mission is to bring a better salt to the world, and we’ve been fortunate to align ourselves with an amazing group of early investors and supporters that share this same vision. But we’re really just getting started.”


True Salt currently offers three distinct salt grains for cooking including Kosher Grain, designed as a foundational ingredient in a texture that is easy to control and sprinkle; Coarse Grain, ideal for salting proteins and vegetables in both prep and finishing stages; and Fine Grain, for brining, salad dressings and everyday cooking.


The funding round will also enable the company to accelerate the upcoming launch of its Cocktail Salt, designed specifically for bars and beverages, and its Flake Salt, a hand-harvested artisanal finishing salt.


ABOUT TRUE SALT:  True Salt is dedicated to producing a better, cleaner salt. With its natural, environmentally impact free harvesting process, True Salt is the all-natural, unrefined way to get the nutrients and flavor from salt without chemicals or additives. 


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