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Creative Ways to Use Flake Sea Salt

Sea salt is certainly having its day in the sun. While salt has always been a popular and important ingredient in cooking, people are beginning to take notice of the health benefits and cleaner taste or pure sea salt such as True Salt.

But aside from that the salt industry seems to have exploded with a wide array of flavors, types and textures — each with their own purpose. Flake salt, for example is an ideal finishing product for anything from sweets to savory dishes. Here True Salt shares some creative and delicious ways to use flake salt.

True Salt’s Flake grain sea salt was specifically hand-crafted to offer a clean burst of bright, briny flavor and delicate crunch to finish a variety of dishes and desserts. Because the intense flavor of flake salt is so definitive, just a sprinkle at the end of cooking and before serving is all it takes to bring a number of dishes to the next level.

Because flake salt is indeed so delicate, it can be used to enhance the flavor of eggs with a simply sprinkle on this morning meal. Flake salt is also a great enhancer for steamed or grilled vegetables or soy beans. Think about when served a bowl of steamed edamame at a Japanese restaurant, for example. The quality and texture of the salt makes all the difference in the taste and end result of that edamame. Most people don’t think of adding salt to salad, but a sprinkle of flake salt is a delicious way to take fresh greens to the next level.

Flake salt is very versatile when it comes to proteins so it can be used to finish everything from fish and poultry to meats such as roasts or steaks. Flake salt really has no wrong use when it comes to finishing a meal — and even dessert! The salt-sweet balance is perfectly achieved with flake salt. It can be used on hot chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, on some dark chocolate truffles or even on a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream.

True Salt is not only on a mission to give consumers, professional cooks and home cooks alike a better, cleaner sea salt, but also a variety of salts and ways to use them. Flake salt is the perfect way to brighten flavors without changing the taste of the main ingredient itself. Give it a try today!


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