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Top Ways to Use Sea Salt for Everything on the Menu

When preparing a wide range of quality meals on a menu, professional kitchen chefs know that quality ingredients make all the difference. From the type of oil to everyday seasonings, where these products are derived from and how they are made make a difference not only in the flavor of the end result, but they also make a difference to discerning clientele. The True Salt Company advises on how sea salt can be used to enhance flavors of everything on the menu.

Sea salt can be used at the very start of any recipe...

1. Salting boiling water for pasta and potatoes

2. Seasoning beef, pork poultry and vegetables prior to cooking.

3. Sea salt can enhance scratch-made dressings and marinades

4. It can also serve as a very important element to start batters and bases

— from breads, pastries and baked goods to soups and stocks.

5. Drawing moisture out of certain foods

(essential for making perfectly crunchy fried or baked zucchini, for example).


While sea salt can be used in everything (and anything!) in the kitchen, it’s also a great resource to have on-hand at the bar. Beyond a finely rimmed margarita glass, cocktail sea salt can be used to make an endless array of creative sips.

From starters to sweets, sea salt can be used throughout any restaurant menu. However, as any chef knows, everyone’s tastes vary. And it’s likely that despite how food is seasoned when it comes out of the kitchen, diners will still add their own sprinkle of salt and pepper once their plate is presented to them.

So using sea salt to bring out foods’ natural flavors without actually making salt the first “taste” when diners take a bite is key — and an art in and of itself. That’s why using a pure, natural and clean tasting sea salt like True Salt Co. makes all the difference in the end result. The salt itself is not the star — the food is, but high-quality sea salt helps enhance all foods’ natural flavors, so it’s the perfect “wingman.”

When creating a menu or updating a seasonal menu this spring, consider all the ways that clean, natural True Salt sea salts can enhance everything from “starters” to “desserts.” Beyond that, a sprinkle of sea salt can be used to finish dishes as they are plated to offer an additional dose of flavor and even texture to many meals.


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