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Sea Salt Body Scrub - Make Your Own at Home

How to use sea salt body scrubs and all you need to know to enjoy smooth and silky skin without having to spend loads of money.

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

Sea salt is known for having incredible benefits for your body. Apart from this, sea salt can be used for many other purposes that include cleaning, getting rid of insects, and enhancing your skin.

If you’re looking for quality information about using sea salt as a body scrub, we’ve

got you covered. Below you can read about the benefits of using sea salt as a body

scrub, as well as the benefits, the ultimate sea salt body scrub recipe, and the best sea

salt to use.

Taking care of your body is also taking care of your mind, which is why we encourage

you to read this post and try this scrub to get rid of dead skin cells and bad thoughts

all in one scrub.

Why Use Sea Salt As A Body Scrub?

You might have heard about sea salt as a great body scrub, but why is that? Well, the

texture of sea salt works great to remove dead skin cells without damaging your skin

in all parts of your body, especially in the ones that tend to dry out the most such as

your legs, elbows, and feet.

Sea salt not only exfoliates your skin and helps you achieve smoother and softer skin,

but also contributes to detoxifying your body. The process begins with sea salt

stimulating our lymphatic system (whose main functions are tissue drainage, fat

transport, and immune responses) and accelerating the process of eliminating toxins

in our body.

Furthermore, sea salt body scrubs have anti-inflammatory properties, which are

great for sore muscles, and speed up our skin regeneration process.

Benefits Of Sea Salt Body Scrubs

There are many incredible benefits of sea salt body scrubs that have been used for

centuries. Some include brighter and smoother skin, relaxation, improved cellulitis,

and increased blood circulation.

The main reason why people tend to choose sea salt body scrubs has to do with the

salt’s granulated texture that works excellent to eliminate dead skin cells and dirt off

your body. By exfoliating your skin once a week, you can enjoy “fresh” skin, which are

renewed cells that have resources thanks to the exfoliating process.

Furthermore, sea salt scrubs help give your skin an amazing glow. The results will

depend on the type of sea salt you choose and your skin type, but overall you can enjoy silky skin after a very short period of scrubbing. Apart from this, sea salt body scrubs encourage your natural flow of circulation due to the circular motion in which you apply the product, as well as the sea salt’s benefits.

As for improved cellulite, using sea salt scrubs can enhance the look of your skin due

to aging, skin lines, and more. By mixing sea salt with other nourishing ingredients

like coffee grounds or honey, you can create an effective body scrub that will make

your skin feel ten times better.

Speaking of making your skin feel better, scrubs are very relaxing and help with sore

legs and general body tiredness. Exfoliating once a week can rejuvenate your skin

and how you feel, which is why sea salt body scrubs have major physical and mental


Best Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

Now that you know the benefits of sea salt scrubs, we found the ultimate recipe you

can try that is super affordable, quick, and effective.

You’ll need:

● 1 cup of sea salt (True Salt Kosher Grain is recommended)

● ¼ of almond oil

● 10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice

● 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds or other add-ins you’d like (crushed almonds,

herbs, etc).

Simply mix all of the ingredients and store them in a glass container. When you’re in

the shower, let the steam build by closing the door to allow your pores to open. If you

like taking baths this will work fine as well.

After getting in the shower, grab a handful of your sea salt body scrub and begin

exfoliating your skin in circular motions. After scrubbing your body, let the water rinse out the scrub and you’re done. You can later apply a moisturizing cream to ensure your skin is hydrated and properly recovering but this is totally optional.

Pro tip: store your sea salt body scrub in glass containers and don’t let water get

inside it to avoid messing with the composition. Plus, this recipe will last for around

2-3 uses, so it is best to create a new one when you run out instead of making a

massive one.

True Salt For Your Sea Salt Body Scrub

If you’re looking for the best sea salt for a sea salt body scrub, we’ve got you covered.

True Salt is a natural and unprocessed sea salt made with the right ingredients your

body needs for a healthy lifestyle.

We do not use any anti-caking agents, bleaches, or processing chemicals and True Salt has been sustainably harvested for generations.


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