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How to Make a Salt Water Mouth Rinse

A salt water mouth rinse (or known as a saline solution) may be one of the simplest and most natural home remedies. Generations past may have used this to ease pain and clean the mouth — and there is no reason that today’s generations can’t benefit from this simple oral saline or salt water mouth rinse. Used to cleanse the mouth as well as relive general mouth pain and pain produced by canker sores or after oral surgery, this all-purpose mouth rinse can be made in minutes!

A homemade saline-salt water mouth rinse may serve as a better (or certainly less aggressive) alternative to traditional store-bought mouthwashes that contain alcohol, which can actually irritate a sore mouth or mouth sores. Many dentists will recommend a saline solution or salt water mouth rinse to relieve pain or swelling even after a deep cleaning or other dental procedure. In addition to easing pain, a salt water mouth rinse can soothe bleeding gums, relieve a sore throat, naturally freshen breath, and loosen and remove trapped food in the teeth or gums.

A salt water mouth rinse can be easily made at home — with just a few ingredients that are likely already in most people’s pantries or spice racks at home.

All that is required to make this easy solution is:

1. Eight ounces water

2. One teaspoon sea salt

3. Two teaspoons baking soda (optional)

To make the rinse:

1. Boil Water - Bring the water to a boil and allow it to maintain a rolling boil for about 10 minutes.

2. Let it cool - Turn off the heat and let the water stand until it is cool enough to rinse with but still warm enough to allow the salt and baking soda to completely dissolve.

3. Add Salt - Stir the salt (and baking soda, if using) into the water until dissolved.

This solution can be used as many as four times per day for about two weeks at a time. However, it should not be overused, as overtime it can actually cause tooth enamel to

To use the solution, simply swish it around the mouth for about 30 seconds then spit it out — there is no need to swallow it. Rather than reusing the solution, a fresh batch should be

made for each use.

An easy oral baking soda paste can also be easily made at home to relieve a canker sore, for example. Simply add a few drops of water to some baking soda to create a thick paste, similar to the consistency of toothpaste. Cover the sore with a paste and repeat as necessary.

When it comes to selecting salt to use in the mouth rinse solution, True Salt sea salt is an all natural, clean option is that ensures the solution is a clean, pure result.


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