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It’s Good to Be Home.

True Salt Comes to Safeway and Albertsons in Arizona

🌵🌵 😀

We couldn’t be happier to finally bring our True Salt home to grocery shelves in Arizona. Since we founded the company, we been working hard to ensure all our friends, families, and True Salt lovers in our home state could find us on their local grocery shelves. And now they can at all Safeway and Albertsons stores throughout AZ.

We are also excited because we are rolling out in these stores with our new Kosher Shakers and 29 oz box. Since we started the company, the most requested item by our customers has been putting True Salt into shakers, so we did it! Now you can walk into the store, get a shaker, and take True Salt with you wherever you’re going. Find the closest store with True Salt near you.

As we continue rolling out throughout the country on our mission to bring the world a cleaner, all-natural, better tasting salt, it’s great to pause for a moment and celebrate our new grocery partners in Arizona.

It’s really good to be home.

The True Salt Team


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