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True Salt Introduces Flake Salt for Retail

The company is bringing its popular Flake Salt to retail in time for the holidays.

PHOENIX— True Salt, the Phoenix-headquartered company that is dedicated to bringing to market a cleaner, tastier, and better sea salt, is launching its popular Flake Salt for retail accounts nationwide.  To meet rising consumer demand for sea salt for home cooking and baking, the company is bringing its Flake Salt to grocers in time for the holiday season.

“Top chefs around the country have been using our Flake Salt in their restaurants and bakeries for a while now and we wanted to make this celebrated salt available to consumers for their home kitchens” – said Brian Pierce, CEO and cofounder of True Salt. “These flakes add a clean and briny burst of flavor like nothing else on the market”

The Flake Salt is all natural sea salt that is hand-harvested from the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, giving each flake a unique shape and size.  This makes it perfect for topping and finishing dishes from salads to steaks and fish, to rich and decadent desserts.

True Salt Flake Salt is packed in the company’s recognizable blue box with holds 1 pound of Flake Salt.  The box features a front cut-out window displaying the unique salt flakes, giving shoppers a preview of the flake salt inside.  The 1 pound box is sold in cases of six boxes.

Currently carried by foodservice distributors like Shamrock Foods on the west coast and Arizona and Headwater Foods in New York, the True Salt Flake Salt is currently available on for consumer purchase and available for retail accounts through the company’s distributors UNFI and DPI Specialty Foods.

About True Salt

True Salt, founded by serial entrepreneurs Brian Pierce and Kelly Egan, is dedicated to producing a better, cleaner salt. With its natural, environmentally impact free harvesting process, True Salt is the all-natural, unrefined way to get the nutrients and flavor from salt without chemicals or additives. The founders’ mission is to deliver a clean, all-natural, and better sea salt that elevates taste buds as well as mind, body and soul.

Since its inception, True Salt founders have been working to develop and market a clean salt that offers better results and better flavor for the hospitality sector, the retail market and the direct consumer.  The company ships to over 25 states for its hospitality business and can be found on grocery shelves throughout the country including Gelson’s, Giant Eagle, and Smart & Final.  For more info, visit


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