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True Salt Increases Production of Sea Salt Products for Foodservice Industry

The company's popular Kosher Grain Sea Salt is currently available for foodservice customers dealing with shortages and out-of-stocks from other vendor brands.

PHOENIX, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- True Salt, the leading provider of high-quality sea salt products, announced today that it has increased production on its popular sea salt products and has available inventory for foodservice industry customers. This is in response to the current shortages of salt due to labor and supply chain interruptions with other brands. This is great news for chefs, restaurant operators, and other foodservice professionals who need salt supply to maintain their foodservice operations.

True Salt's commitment to providing uninterrupted supply of its sea salt products comes at a time when foodservice and hospitality organizations of all sizes are facing supply chain challenges with their current salt vendors and brands. In order to meet the increased demand from the foodservice channel, True Salt has increased its production output of its popular 48 ounce Kosher Sea Salt box as well as its 20 pound bulk sack. True Salt has also taken proactive measures to ensure that operations and supply chain are fully operational and uninterrupted to ensure that current and new customers receive their orders on time.

"True Salt understands the importance of providing a consistent supply of quality sea salt products to our foodservice industry customers," said Brian Pierce, CEO and Cofounder of True Salt. "We are committed to meeting their needs and ensuring that both current and new customers have access to our products when they need them. Our Kosher Grain Sea Salt products have been a favorite among chefs and operators, and we wanted to ensure that organizations that are currently experiencing shortages from other vendors can get the salt supply they need from True Salt."

True Salt is an all-natural sea salt sourced from the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez. It is sustainably harvested and contains no added chemicals or agents to ensure the highest levels of natural flavor. The 48 oz box and the 20 pound sacks are designed for the demanding needs of foodservice organizations. True Salt is currently distributed by major broadline distribution companies and priced lower than competitive brands. It can also be ordered direct from the company, please reach out to for more information.

About True Salt True Salt is a leading provider of high-quality sea salt products for foodservice, food production, and grocery channels. Sourced from the Sea of Cortez, True Salt is sustainably harvested and contains no chemicals or added agents. Leading food brands and hospitality organizations depend on True Salt daily for all their food production and service needs.


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