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Sea Salt: The Magic Skin Treatment You Need To Have Now.

Learn about the magic wonders sea salt can do to your skin and how to implement its use in your daily routine.

Sea salt has been around for quite some time — since the mid 5th century BC to be exact! - but its skin related benefits have just started to be realized.

Have you noticed that people who live near the beach always have glowing skin? That's because sea salt has many skin-healing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. For those who can’t afford daily trips to the nearest seaside destination, a solution has been found, and it’s called True Salt, all-natural sea salt.

A natural exfoliant and an acne and infection reliever, sea salt is one of the best skin benefit providers out there, and because everyone should know about the miracle-worker resource, regardless of their location, True Salt has taken a personal quest to deliver a quality product straight out of the ocean. With all-natural and unprocessed ingredients, along with the distinctive flavor of a true salt, this product does not contain processing chemicals, anti-caking agents, or bleaches.

We all heard about mouth rinsing with salt water and taking care of a newly pierced area with the same mixture but, have you ever wondered why?

Sea salt can open up your pores and soak up excess oils of your body as well as diminishing scars, fighting bacteria, and reducing inflammation due to its similar chemical composition to blood plasma. Both have mineral and trace elements that allow them to absorb toxins and promote a faster and painless healing process. True Salt stays real to its name providing not only flavor to your table but almost magical palliative properties to your skin.

Sea salt removes dead skin off your body promoting a healthy and strong skin cell production at a much faster speed than normal. True Salt can be used with the same purpose to achieve exact results as if you were living on the beach — without the heat damage and the excessive amount of people — but in the comfort of your home.

Thanks to this now everyone can enjoy the benefits from the ocean any day, without having to travel to a beachy destination.

Mixing two tablespoons of True Salt with purified water in a bottle and shake. Wash, spash, or spritz onto your face.

Want more? You can even fill up the bathtub with about a pound of True Salt for a relaxing and effective spa-like bath at home. With frequent use, your skin will become less oily and less prone to acne, but if you happen to have dry skin, using moisturizer will prevent irritation. Everyone can begin enjoying the benefits of this amazing gift from Earth, no matter their location or skin condition.


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