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Unusual — But Useful! — Uses for Sea Salt

Sea salt is a delectable addition to dishes sweet and savory. However, it’s also a useful “hack” for kitchen, cleaning and other unusual uses. True Salt Co. shares some of the most unusual, but useful, ways to use sea salt (besides eating it!).

Cleaning dish wear— Coffee and tea stains can be removed from china cups by rubbing them with salt (be gentle!). To clean a glass coffee pot and regain its crystal clear finish, fill it with ¼ of salt and about 12 ice cubes. Swish it gently around, and let the “solution” set for about 30 minutes. Then fill with cold water and rinse. Voila! A combination of sea salt and vinegar can also clean tarnished copper. Fill a 16-ounce spray bottle with hot white vinegar and about three tablespoons of sea salt, spray the mixture onto the copper and let it sit for a few minutes before rubbing clean. It is suggested not to use this technique on lacquered copper. A mixture of sea salt and bleach and also be used to scrub a cutting board clean and remove left behind odors.

Beat the Brown— To keep sliced apples or potatoes from browning, set them in cold water with sea salt until ready to cook or eat.

Keep Windows and Windshields Free of Frost— Wipe windshields and windows with a sponge dipped in a sea salt-water solution to keep the glass frost-free, even in temps below 32 degrees!

Clean Sponges— Sea salt can also be used to clean sponges! Simply soak them in a solution of cold water and lots of sea salt for a few hours. New natural fiber brooms can be soaked in a solution of hot salt water prior to their first use to extend their life.

Make Stains Disappear— Wine stains can be removed from fabric by first blotting the area as much as possible, then pouring sea salt over it to absorb the remaining. Blood stains can be removed by soaking in a cold saltwater solution, then washing it in hot water with detergent. Sweat stains can be removed from clothing by making a sea salt and hot water solution and applying it to the stained areas with a sponge.

There are countless uses for sea salt! True Salt Co. suggests eating it might be the best, but feel free to experiment with the endless ways sea salt can come in handy beyond the plate!


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