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Clean Eating: Where Salt Comes from and How it’s Processed Matters

Not all sea salt is created equal. And when it comes to clean eating, where salt comes from and how it’s processed should be taken into consideration. The Mayo Clinic reports that sea salt and table salt have similar amounts of sodium by weight, but how and where it’s processed makes a difference too. Sea salt is reported to retain more of its original mineral content — including magnesium and potassium, which are both important minerals for a healthy body. Those who have low potassium in their diets can be at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, digestive disorders and more. Magnesium can be attributed to bone formation and health and calcium absorption, and can help prevent diabetes, migraine headaches, anxiety and more.

Surprisingly, some salt even contains trace amounts of plastic bags and other debris that is found in waterways, so some sea salt brands even have plastic microparticles in them. That’s why the True Salt founders wanted to create something better. A few years ago, the two business partners dedicated themselves to finding a sea salt that is clean, simple, delicious and healthy! The founders’ search led them to the Sea of Cortez, where they met salt masters that had been hand-harvesting and cultivating sea salt for generations. There, there tasted pure, clean sea salt — using it on all their meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, tacos and even sweets. And knew they wanted to share it with the world.

The business partners collaborated with the sea salt masters in those seaside communities and began working with top chefs and restaurants around the world to share this simple, clean salt. To date, True Salt is on a mission to produce a better, cleaner salt. With its natural, environmentally impact free harvesting process, True Salt is the all-natural, unrefined way to get the nutrients and flavor from salt without chemicals or additives.

When selecting a salt, using a clean, all natural sea salt such as True Salt ensures there are no hidden ingredients in the salt. In addition to a better tasting sea salt packed with magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, True Salt promises to give their consumers a clean salt that is all-natural, unprocessed and full of flavor. True Salt is dedicated to ensuring its products are produced in a responsible, sustainable manner that maintain those elements that are important for health.


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