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21 Reasons to Switch to Sea Salt in 2021

The end of one year and the beginning of a fresh new one is always a good time to start making those resolutions!

For those that have health-conscious goals in 2021, True Salt encourages them to make the switch from regular table salt to all natural sea salt — with 21 reasons to make the switch!

1. It’s less processed.

2. It retains more minerals.

3. It contains less iodine.

4. It comes in various textures for various types of cooking and baking.

5. It adds a salty balance to sweet foods — a sprinkle of sea salt on a freshly baked chocolate cookie takes this classic dessert to the next level!

6. It can be used as a brine to make meats super tasty and tender.

7. Sea salt is a tasty rim for cocktail glasses as well as a great balancing ingredient in savory boozy concoctions.

8. Sea salt can be used in multiple ways beyond the kitchen!

9. It’s a great exfoliant.

10. The magnesium found in sea salt helps maintain the body’s pH balance and

can even reduce excess acidity in the bloodstream.

11. Sea salt may even be credited with strengthening the immune system thanks to the amount of minerals it contains.

12. Sea salt can help reduce muscle cramps which people sometimes get after a sweaty workout session due to the loss of electrolytes. The consumption of sea salt, rich in sea salt, can help fitness gurus avoid muscle cramping after exercising.

13. Sea salt has even been credited with improving skin — once again because of its magnesium content. Some say sea salt helps cleanse and moisturize the skin and can even treat eczema and acne.

14. Topical application of sea salt can even increase blood circulation when massaged into the skin.

15. Some reports say that sea salt massaged into the scalp could strengthen hair follicles and even stimulate the growth of hair.

16. Sea salt sure can do a body good – even helping with a gleaming smile and healthy mouth. Sea salt contains fluoride, which is a leading mineral in the promotions of dental health. It can help maintain enamel and possibly prevent cavities and other oral issues.

17. In addition to improving skin — sea salt can make it feel good! Try a soothing bath in sea salt with a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint or lavender.

18. Sea salt can help combat dehydration since sodium helps retain water in the body.

19. Sea salt is even an essential element is helping reduce systems of psoriasis.

20. Sea salt is an easily way to eat clean.

21. It’s delicious and natural!

These are just a few of the reasons to try sea salt and explore all the ways it can be used — in the kitchen and more! True Salt encourages people to make the switch in 2020 and experience the difference!


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